Lifestyle Coaching

Are You?

Full of ideas but not putting them into action?

Struggling to achieve a work life balance?

Feeling you have more to offer?

Confused about the options available to you?

Feeling stuck?


Struggling to make positive change?

Nervous about making changes, but ready to take steps forward with support?

Unhappy at work?

Ready for a change?

Sound like you?  Keep reading!  

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is your opportunity to take your life from good to great!

As your coach, I will enable you to identify where you are in your life, where you want to be & how to get there while enjoying the journey!

We can explore any aspect of your life and aspirations, helping you to gain the clarity & focus required to move forward positively.

Coaching is available;

Face to face

One to one

In group Sessions


Bespoke packages are available

Why Me?

I am a qualified Career and Life Coach

I have 18 years experience working with young people, adults & families on a wide spectrum of issues from career guidance to domestic abuse.

I use tools and approaches that are solution focused, creative and spiritually connected, for those seeking spiritual alignment.

I have significant experience of people management, strategic management and coaching professional development in the field of support, coaching & guidance services.

I have developed and launched product and service businesses in the online space and face to face.

I understand what it takes practically & emotionally to take a leap of faith and take action that leads to transformational change.

I am committed to my own professional development so that I am best placed to coach you.

I have provided career and life coaching services in schools, colleges, university and community locations.

I have experience in career planning, substance misuse, youth offending, abuse, career guidance, forced marriage, child protection, detached and outreach work, alternative education, youth engagement, mainstream education, special educational needs, behaviour management, school attendance and barriers to learning.

I have worked in partnership with support services including, Youth Services, Social Care & Children's Services, CAMHS, Refuges, Housing, Foreign & Commonwealth Unit, Police, Tenants Associations, Substance Misuse & School Attendance, amongst others.

I am committed in enabling you to progress along your chosen path!

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