You've Got This!

4 Week Transformation Life Coaching Programme

Are You?

Unhappy at work?

Struggling to achieve a work life balance?

Anxious about feeling that you can't change this?

Worried that life will always feel like this?

Confused about the options available to you?

Stuck & feeling like you should be grateful for what you have?

Alone in figuring it all out?

Overwhelmed by how you can change this?

Nervous about making changes, but ready to take small steps forward with support?

Are You Ready to Make Change to Improve Your
Experience of Life?
Then this 4 week Starter Programme is for you!

As a successful female, passionate about work & family life, it's important for you to feel a sense of achievement and feel happy about who you are. 

Your purpose is family, work or probably an element of both, so it is essential that your needs are met and not just those of those you serve.  This programme will set you on this path, placing you back at the centre of your reality.

Why is this important?  Well think about the safety message given by Cabin Crew prior to take off when travelling on a plane.  The instruction is that in the event of an emergency, you must put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others.  Now this is counter intuitive to most parents, but its important because it means with you're better equipped to help others once your breathing is secured.  It's the same principle.  

The 4 Week Starter Programme Includes;

1 Discovery Call

4 x 1:1 Online Coaching Calls

Weekly Accountability & Reflection

Personal Development Materials

Make Positive Change Today!

This programme is designed to help you to make positive change that will impact your life immediately from Day 1.  You will see, hear, feel and experience positive change based on what is most important to you now and for your future.

You will have full access to a transformation formula that I have perfected over my 18 year career working with people to make meaningful change, to improve their experience of life for themselves, but also for those around them.

I use practical tools and techniques that will enable you to explore & identify who you are, what your values are, your priorities and the direction in which you wish to take.  We then build upon this with actions that will achieve immediate change.

This is a month of consistent activity to start the transformational change you desire.


Are you ready to transform your life?

It's time for you to take the next step.

No more going round in circles trying to figure it all out by yourself.

You know you deserve a happy, fulfilled life.

This is your time!

This programme is going to enable you to feel more in control and better about your life immediately.

I have 18 years experience of helping people to take action that can change their life.  Often from the darkest, most difficult times in their life. 

I have done this personally in my personal life when I left a well established, successful career to start my own business.

I had been stuck in a job I once loved, feeling like I should be grateful for my lot, but desperately unhappy.

Due to a toxic relationship, home life was increasingly difficult.  I was a single mummy that needed to work for finances and for fulfilment, but the career that was once a sanctuary made me desperately sad.  I had to make change & I did.  I will help you to do the same, based on your priorities.

As a career & life coach, I had the skills to start the process of change myself, but I got to the point where I had so many ideas, I was totally overwhelmed.  I needed help.

I wanted to launch a product business, but I didn't know how.  I also needed someone to help me to focus, prioritise, bounce ideas off.  I needed an objective person to guide me.  So I invested in a coach who could help me with all of this & in June 2018, I am proud to say thatI launched my product business RQ.

Why Me?

I am a qualified Career and Life Coach

I have 18 years experience working with young people, adults & families on a wide spectrum of issues from career guidance to domestic abuse.

I use tools and approaches that are solution focused, creative and spiritually connected, for those seeking spiritual alignment.

I have significant experience of people management, strategic management and coaching professional development in the field of support, coaching & guidance services.

I have developed and launched product and service businesses in the online space and face to face.

I understand what it takes practically & emotionally to take a leap of faith and take action that leads to transformational change.

I am committed to my own professional development so that I am best placed to coach you.

I have provided career and life coaching services in schools, colleges, university and community locations.

I have experience in career planning, substance misuse, youth offending, abuse, career guidance, forced marriage, child protection, detached and outreach work, alternative education, youth engagement, mainstream education, special educational needs, behaviour management, school attendance and barriers to learning.

I have worked in partnership with support services including, Youth Services, Social Care & Children's Services, CAMHS, Refuges, Housing, Foreign & Commonwealth Unit, Police, Tenants Associations, Substance Misuse & School Attendance, amongst others.

I am totally committed to helping women to make change that will enable you to feel better quickly so that you can be your best you now!

Goals are essential part of creating transformational change, but quality of life is about what happens today. Riding the ups and downs of everyday life and moving through a journey that is in the most part, happy and fulfilling.  We can strive for a utopian state, but life will always present its challenges.  Success and contentment comes from how we face these challenges. 

I can help you with this and it is a topic we will address on the programme.

I knew I couldn't continue along the path I was on.  It was no way to live.  I was unhappy at work, aspects of my personal life brought extreme stress, all of which negatively impacted on my health which is another area of difficulty for me.  I have M.E, fibromyalgia, and hypermobility syndrome.  Set that against desire for professional achievement & quality family life time and life felt overwhelming for sure. 

In 2011, I had my son and it changed everything.  Work was important to me, but I needed it to be manageable to meet the needs of my son.  The everyday issues that you face as a new mum, but also the health issues my son faced from birth.  It was full on. I had become a mummy and my son had to come first.

After difficulties at work & home, I started to make changes.  I did things for me.  In 2013, I trained to become and NLP Practitioner and the following year I enrolled on a nail technician course just for fun and to express my creativity.  It was the catalyst to a new career & a new life!

Everyday I work with women to have an immediate impact.  This often starts with the smallest of actions, such as a gel nails treatment and a good chat, an HD Brow transformation, relaxing reiki healing, crystal healing or through coaching.  The constant throughout this is transformation, mind, body and spirit...or all of them! 

I work with women to help you to feel great.  This is my passion.  I don't only coach this.  This is how I live!  I'm walking the walk.



What's Included?


A Free 30 Minute Discovery Call

4 x 60 Minute 1:1 Coaching Calls

Personal Development Activities


Spiritual Enrichment Activities

Weekly Reflection and Accountability

Action Planning


This Programme Is For You If You Are;


Ready to make small but unlimited steps towards transformational change.

Worried that life will always feel like it does now.

Stressed with thinking about how to feel better.

A mummy stressed about the return to work.

A woman finding work life balance a challenge.

Full of ideas but need clarity.

In touch with your emotional and spiritual needs.

Coachable & can take direction.

Willing to move out of your comfort zone.

Willing to invest time, energy and financial resources in yourself.

The Investment

£145 Special Offer. Normally £180

Are you ready to make transformational change in your life?

Becky x (1).png

The Programme Will;


Help you to identify your priorities.

Enable you to identify who you are now and what your values are.


Get you out of an overwhelming situation and get things done by taking inspired action.

Enable you to be confident sharing who you are and who you want to be.

Make you feel like you are in control of your life and where you are going.

Set you on the path for transformational change.

When I took a leap of faith and invested in my coach, I have to say it was scary.  I didn't have to take this new direction.  I wanted to.  My heart & soul needed me to. I needed to feel alive and stretched again!

The investment felt like a huge financial risk, but I knew I had knowledge and skills gap and I needed to support to with this.

I was a single mum, with a mortgage, health issues and I'd left my career to start something new. How could I take this risk?

In the end, I decided I had no option.  It was the step I needed to take.  Working with my coach would supercharge my learning and development and ultimately get me where I wanted and needed to be, faster so that I can help wonderful women like you to be happy, fulfilled and the best version of themselves. 

It was a risk worth taking & I can't wait to get working with you to support you in achieving your dreams & aspirations!


Still have questions?

Click here to book your complimentary discovery call (value £40) where we can see if working together is the right fit.