• Becky Rowe

Do you ever?

Do you ever... Feel that there is soooo much you could do if you only had time to do it?!!?! This is me every Monday! No word of a lie. I find it so overwhelming and it always comes as a surprise! Which quite honestly is a bit daft as it does happen every week! Every Monday is a new beginning and I like to hit the ground running, but life isn't like that is it...it kind of slaps you in the face and you muddle on from there. We have to find the wins of everyday and take that forward.

If you think about today. Has it gone as you would have liked? Have you achieved what you wanted to achieve? Does it matter to you? One of the projects I'm working on at the moment, is to help women like you and me to sort through the myriad of thoughts, priorities, hopes, dreams & desires that we have and do very little with because we simply don't have time to recognise them, let alone take action on!

Often we move through life from a needs must perspective. Maybe we take little detours from time to time, but we have no time to look up and re-access. To evaluate what is happening and what it means for us. To assess what we would like to do next. We are encouraged to have goals and of course goals are important. They direct our life, but there is also power in living life each day. We don't always have to have an end goal in sight. If we give ourselves the time to reflect on our life as it happens. To make decisions that bring us value everyday, we are always in a good place. Quality of life is now. We need a good work life balance today, because who knows what is in store for us tomorrow. Now is our only certainty.

If you had said to me in 2014 that I would leave my established career, take courses in beauty, go back to college, work several jobs, train in reiki healing, work in a log cabin, create my own brand and do it all as a single mummy with a tricky health situation...I'd simply say "Don't be daft", but its what I've done! A 5 year plan would have overwhelmed me to the degree that I wouldn't have even tried. I couldn't have envisioned that each of my small steps would ultimately change my life. That was too much to comprehend. A life transformation from a multitude of smaller, doable steps...and without wanting to sound too dramatic...a happy existence in a world of turmoil on so many levels. I wouldn't have believed it, but wow! I'm evidence that it is doable!

If you have read this far, I'm thinking that what I'm sharing is resonating. If you are interested in finding out how I can help you to explore this for yourself. Please, please, please, keep watching and engaging in this positive space. I will be revealing how I can help very soon...In the meantime I've got washing to do!...If you cant wait, message me! Sometimes you just have to make a step when you need to

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