• Becky Rowe

Don't Quit!

This is a biggy for me and I'm guessing for most of us.

Everyday we face things we'd rather not have to address. When we face difficulties, quitting can feel like a great option!

When I left work to run my business full time, I wondered if I would regret taking the leap. I walked away from a regular salary, although I was always pretty much always under the shadow of potential redundancy.

So I wasn't in a totally secure position, but it was a way of generating an income that I understood. As long as I had a contract they had to pay me.

Fortunately I haven't had any regrets and no desire to return to what I left behind, but from time to time I do get a case of the "what if's".

What if this doesn't work?

What if I've lost the plot?!

What if I can't do this?

What if people think it's rubbish?

What if I Quit? Should I quit?

... And that's where I have to have a serious word with myself!

What if I quit? What if I give up?!


It's not a solution! Quitting doesn't improve anything. It just stops progress.

When you face a challenge that causes you to consider quitting. It's a sign that, in some way, you aren't aligned with what you are trying to achieve. Something is off balance.

So rather than quitting, I take a step back and give myself time and space to evaluate & review the situation facing me.

Sometimes all that is needed is a tweak here and there to get me back into alignment with my purpose, but if not, it's worth giving more thought to the bigger picture.

Maybe a new approach is needed. Or even a different direction, or goal. .

I believe that the emotions attached to the desire to give up are a sign that some form of change may be needed to realign and get back in balance.

If you accept this, listen to your intuition and explore potential solutions, the experience can be extremely positive.

Change keeps you moving and more importantly, progressing. It may be uncomfortable, but if you adapt, using a solution focused approach, you will move to a better place.

So my message for today is don't quit! Just do it! Find a new way to do it. Adapt how you do it, but do something.

Don't give up! 😘

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