• Becky Rowe

Don't Quit!

This is a biggy for me and I'm guessing for most of us.

Everyday we face things we'd rather not have to address. When we face difficulties, quitting can feel like a great option!

When I left work to run my business full time, I wondered if I would regret taking the leap. I walked away from a regular salary, although I was always pretty much always under the shadow of potential redundancy.

So I wasn't in a totally secure position, but it was a way of generating an income that I understood. As long as I had a contract they had to pay me.

Fortunately I haven't had any regrets and no desire to return to what I left behind, but from time to time I do get a case of the "what if's".

What if this doesn't work?

What if I've lost the plot?!

What if I can't do this?

What if people think it's rubbish?

What if I Quit? Should I quit?

... And that's where I have to have a serious word with myself!

What if I quit? What if I give up?!


It's not a solution! Quitting doesn't improve anything. It just stops progress.

When you face a challenge that causes you to consider quitting. It's a sign that, in some way, you aren't aligned with what you are trying to achieve. Something is off balance.

So rather than quitting, I take a step back and give myself time and space to evaluate & review the situation facing me.