• Becky Rowe

LIFE LESSONS | What stories are you telling yourself?

The theory is that we limit ourselves by the stories we tell ourselves. Our goals, progress and/or achievements.

In the world of helping therapies, it's sometimes referred to as running the same script over and over. Even if it doesn't serve you. It's something we do automatically because it's familiar and we are stuck in a particular pattern of behaviour. Even if it's distructive, it's familiar and therefore easier to repeat. Here's an example...

HAVE YOU EVER found yourself wanting to apply for a job that you would like to do and could do? You may require a degree of training to be fully competent, but with that, you could develop and deliver in that role with success.

BUT THEN, before applying, you question yourself & your ability and you don't apply for the job, because you conclude that you couldn't possibly apply, because you aren't good enough to do the job! If that weren't bobbins enough, you later discover that someone significantly less qualified, experienced or able has applied for and got the job and got it! It's a horrible place to be!


Are you telling yourself the story that you aren't good enough? The person who got the job is telling themself that they can and guess what?! They do! Perhaps not as well as you or someone else, but they get the chance to challenge themselves and develop. They gave themselves the opportunity to try.

SO WHAT STORIES ARE YOU TELLING YOURSELF that are limiting the quality of life you lead? WHAT IF you changed the script?...

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