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Becky Louise Rowe Owner of The Bothy Co

About Me

Hello and welcome to my website.

The services & products I offer are all about everything that helps women to rise and thrive. 

To help you walk a little taller, with more confidence and bounce in your step.  To give you time and space to unwind; to be your true self and to have a bloomin' good giggle! 


How it began...

In 2014, I took a nail technician course, purely for pleasure and totally unaware that it would lead to a different lifestyle that would enable me to realise my dream & ambitions.  Since then I have retrained & added to my skillset.

I had a 16 year career in information, advice, guidance and support services, managing large teams of advisers working with young people and adults.  Our role was to support our clients to achieve their goals and aspirations by providing quality career information, advice and guidance, signposting and supporting their access to support services that could help them to remove any barriers that could be preventing them from realising their true potential.


Having my own business means that I can bring together all my skills and experience to offer my clients and customers a complimentary collection of lifestyle products and services.  Whether that be beauty services, ear piercing, skincare products, handmade crystal healing jewellery, lifestyle coaching opportunities, or all of the above.

Helping you to live your best life today!

For many of us, it can be hard to keep hold of a sense of who we are and to continue enjoying a life that we love and in which we feel valued, appreciated and seen.  Life as a woman can present many challenges and hurdles and we balance a lot!  Puberty, relationships, careers, family, peri-menopause, menopause, caring responsibilities and a sense of self and identity.  It's a lot and it's easy to feel overwhelmed and lost.

I’m passionate about helping women to feel great, to have space to breathe, opportunity to think, laugh, be heard and be pampered. To leave their time spent with me feeling happy in themselves, indulged, with a new sense of purpose.  Its a privilege to share this with you so that you can live your best life today!

The Bothy Co
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