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Crystal Clear was Founded by Sharon Hilditch, MBE in 1995.  Our treatment & skincare menu are loved by thousands of Salons, Spas & Skincare lovers worldwide.
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The Chopstick Facial

No needles, no surgery, no machines, just great looking skin. Crystal Clear’s new Easy Lift Chopstick Facial is the latest skin-transforming treatment that immediately lifts, firms and smoothes the skin minus any intervention other than that of the therapists healing touch, a potent hyaluronic serum and two highly effective massaging WANDS. A combination of cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, mask and hydration. The Easy Lift Chopstick Facial gives skin a complete overhaul, lifting, firming and rejuvenating in just 45 minutes. After cleansing and exfoliation, the two sonic powered lifting WANDS are gently rolled over the face and neck in a two-handed action whilst a super strength hyaluronic serum is automatically dispensed from the WANDS oscillating rollerball heads. This unique, double-pronged approach delivers a mega dose of moisture to the skin thanks to the high and low molecular weight pharmaceutical grade serum, improving skin’s hydration at a cellular level and creating a mattress effect under the skin, giving it back its bounce. At the same time the sonic waves from the two WANDS provide facial muscles with the equivalent of an intense workout programme, causing them to contract and creating more lifted, firmer skin. Results are immediate; tense facial muscles are relaxed, eyebrows and cheeks significantly more lifted, jaw more de ned, eyebags depuffed, neck tighter and complexion more luminous and glowy. The Easy Lift Chopstick Facial is the perfect workout programme for all skin types wanting to keep skin looking its best at any age.

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