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Rose Quartz Guide

About Rose Quartz

Often called the ‘Love Stone’, rose quartz is said to open the heart chakra (Anahata) to every kind of love; unconditional, platonic, family, romantic and, of course, self-love.

Rose Quartz - The Science


A coloured version of quartz, rose quartz is one of the most popular semi-precious gemstones. Varying in colour from light to bright pink and sometime even almost purple, the stones are translucent and normally have a beautifully even colour.


Occurring in abundance around the world, rose quartz ranks 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which makes it perfect for use in jewellery.

Rose Quartz Meaning


Thought to have been exchanged as a token of love and affection as early as 600 BC, rose quartz is effective at attracting all kinds of love. It can attract new love, romance and intimacy, as well as strengthening bonds between your friends and family.


Rose quartz stimulates the imagination; increasing appreciation for art, music and the written word. It inspires the love of beauty and, perhaps most importantly, it helps you to love yourself.

Rose Quartz Healing Properties


Rose quartz isn’t called the Heart Stone for nothing.


Speaking directly to Anahata - the Heart Chakra, rose quartz can help mend a heart that wants to be whole again, dissolve emotional wounds and fears and create a deep sense of peace and contentment which will help you to truly give and receive love.


Rose quartz was also traditionally given as a gift to newborn babies, helping them ease the transition from the spiritual to the physical plane of existence.

A Rose quartz..jpg

Our thoughts on Rose Quartz:

What we love

  • Its pretty pink colour and translucent sheen.

  • The loving energy it creates.

  • Its ability to help you create balance.


It’s perfect for …

  • A gift for a long-treasured friend, new baby or soul mate.

  • Reminding yourself to stay true to your intentions.

  • Attracting love in all its forms.

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Discover our top five ways to harness the power of rose quartz:


1.  If you have trouble sleeping, or are troubled with bad dreams, keeping a rose quartz crystal (or even your Anahata Rose Quartz Bracelet) under your pillow can help you get a peaceful nights sleep. It might even help you dream of your soul mate!


2.  The perfect gift for long-treasured friends, giving your bestie a piece of rose quartz jewellery will help them keep your unconditional love close even when your lives take you in different directions.


3.  To encourage a calmer, friendlier and more compassionate working environment, placing some rose quartz in the communal areas of your workplace can help deepen bonds between your workmates and banish any tensions.


4. Believed to strengthen the connection between yourself and your partner, rekindle your passion for each other by wearing a piece of rose quartz jewellery every time you are together.


5. Carrying rose quartz with you throughout the day can help you remain centred, calm and loving during times of stress. It’s also great practice to set an intention of what you’d like your rose quartz to help you achieve for the day - either to remain calmer to to attain some self-fulfilment - and use your rose quartz jewellery to serve as a reminder of this intention.

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