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Crystal Gemstone Guide


Colour:  White with Grey & Black Veins
Chakra:  Sahasrara/ Crown
Crystal Healing Properties:

Howlite is known for its calming qualities.  It is said to calm an overactive mind, eliminate rage, aid awareness & to encourage clarity and calm in emotional expression & communication.
Also used to ease insomnia, relieve stress and to bring a sense of serenity. while protecting the heart, third eye & crown chakras.

Green Serpentine
Colour:  Green
Chakra:  Anahata/ Heart
Crystal Healing Properties:
Serpentine is said to attract wealth & love, while protecting against negative energy & malicious intent.  It is one of few gemstones that can protect against negativity, while attracting positive.  
It is worn to repel negative energy, improve relationships and to improve careers & finances.
It is also said to clear blocked energy & awaken Kundalini energy & enlightenment.

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Pink Agate
Colour:  Pink, Red, White
Chakra:  Anahata/ Heart
Crystal Healing Properties:
Pink Agate is connected to the heart chakra.  It is said to heal issues of the heart, starting at the centre of the issue, working layer by layer to replace the heartache with happiness, 
Pink Agate is said to reduce stress and provide a sense of security & safety, while improving a sense of self love.


Colour:  Purple
Chakra:  Sahasrara/ Crown, Ajna/ Third Eye
Crystal Healing Properties:

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Colour:  Purple
Chakra:  Sahasrara/ Crown, Ajna/ Third Eye
Crystal Healing Properties:
Amethyst is said to have a wonderful impact on the brain.  It promotes clarity off thought and stimulates your intellectual capacity.  For example, it is a wonderful stone for times when you need to make practical decisions.
Amethyst is a calming, meditative stone, which works with us to bring clarity, patience, protection and balance.  It is a stone to hold close if you are seeking emotional intelligence, clarity, inner strength and emotional stability.  It is recommended that you wear Amethyst for the best effects.
Amethyst is also associated with abundance, whether that be emotional or financial.

Dark Blue Sandstone
Colour:  Dark Midnight Blue/ Indigo
Chakra:  Ajna/Third Eye, Anahata/ Heart, Vishudha/Throat

Dark Blue Sandstone is
said to bring wisdom, courage, confidence, willpower & a boost in vitality & energy.  
It is a stone used by emapths and those connected to the spirit realm, for spiritual connection & protection  and can also be used in distance healing.

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Rose Tourmaline
Colour:  Pink
Chakra:  Anahata/ Heart, Sahasrara/ Crown
Crystal Healing Properties:


Rose Tourmaline is linked to the heart & Crown chakras.  It is said to cleanse the emotional body, infusing love and spirituality.  
Wearing Pink Tourmaline is said to relieve stress, worry and anxiety, helping to protect against negative energies and building strength.

Dalmatian Jasper
Colour:  Cream with Black Spots
Chakra:  Svadhisthana/ Sacral, Muladhara/Base
Crystal Healing Properties:
Dalmatian Jasper is said to combat exhaustion and to attract fun, success, harmony and joy into your life.
It is believed to balance Yin & Yang, help you to see the joy in the simple things, stimulate imagination and encourage a positive attitude towards life.

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